Have Drinks on a Budget at Classic Bowl in Morton Grove, Illinois

Have Drinks on a Budget at Classic Bowl in Morton Grove, Illinois

beer-bowling-specialsbeer-bowling-specialsTired of the typical bar scene? Looking to drink in a more stress-free setting? If so, you should come on out to Classic Bowl in Morton Grove, Illinois. We’re offering terrific drink specials all summer long.

Have a few drinks, eat a bit of food, bowl a few rounds, and enjoy the upbeat atmosphere of our brand-new lounge!

Our Summer Drink Specials

All throughout this summer, we’re offering different drink specials every day of the week. Whether you’re a fan of beer, liquor, or both, we have you covered. Read below for more details.


On Sundays, we’re offering domestic pints for $3.00, domestic beer pitchers for $10.00, and craft/imported pints for $5.00. We’re also offering well liquor drinks for $2.25.


On Mondays, we will be offering the exact same deals that we offer on Sundays. Domestic pints will be $3.00, domestic beer pitchers will be $10.00, and craft/imported pints will be $5.00. We will also have well liquor drinks available for $2.25.


If you plan on stopping by on a Tuesday, and if you’re a fan of Miller Lite or Coors, you’ll be in luck. We’re offering all bottles from the Miller Lite and Coors families for $2.75 each. We’ll also be offering 5-beer buckets for $13.00.


On Wednesdays, our specials will revolve around Pabst Blue Ribbon and Old Style. Single bottles of these beers will be available for $2.75. 5-bottle buckets, on the other hand, will be available for $13.00.


On Thursdays this summer, our drink specials will focus primarily on the Budweiser family — this includes Budweiser, Bud Lite, and Michelob Ultra. Budweiser family bottles will be available for $2.75. In addition, Budweiser family buckets will be available for $13.00.

In addition to our Budweiser specials, we will also be offering domestic pints for $3.50 and imported/craft pints for $5.50.


On Fridays, we will have all domestic pints available for $4.00 a piece. If you’re looking to purchase an imported/craft pint, you will have to pay an additional $2 per drink. This comes out to $6.00 per craft/imported pint.


Our Saturday specials mirror our Friday specials. While domestic pints will be available for $4.00 a piece, imported/craft pints will be available for $6.00.

Everyday Special

We’re offering deals on beer buckets every day of the week. Regardless of the day, you can get 5 domestic beers for $14.00.

Interested in craft or imported beers? We have bucket specials for those as well. You can order either 3 domestics and 2 imports/crafts for $16.00, or 5 imports/crafts for $18.00.

Our Liquor Specials

In addition to our daily beer specials, we’ll also be offering liquor specials. These specials apply to every day of the summer of 2018.

For $3.00 per drink, we’ll be serving Jose Cuervo Gold, Malibu, and Dr. McGillicuddy Mint. Southern Comfort will be available for $4.00. Available for $4.50 is Ketel One, Absolut, and Jameson.

Do you have a taste for Long Island iced tea? We’ll have these available to you every day for $6.00 a piece.

Take Advantage of Our Drink Specials Every Day of the Week

As you can see, we offer drink specials each and every day of the week. Whether you’re looking to drink beer or something a little different, we here at Classic Bowl have got a deal for you. Our establishments also offer games and other entertainment to help you and your friends enjoy a pleasant evening old. Stop by today and find out why we are one the most popular stops in the Morton Grove area.

Stop by and see us soon!

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