Enjoy Your Holiday Get-Together at Classic Bowl: The Best Holiday Party Venue in the Northfield, Illinois Area

Enjoy Your Holiday Get-Together at Classic Bowl: The Best Holiday Party Venue in the Northfield, Illinois Area

Holiday party venue in Northfield IllinoisThe holiday season will be here shortly. If ever there were a time to plan get-togethers, now would be that time. Are you looking for a place to gather and celebrate the holidays with your friends, family, co-workers, or any other group you belong to? If so, and if you’re looking to plan a get together at the best holiday party venue in the Northfield, Illinois area, look no further than Classic Bowl.

We have a variety of fun activities for our guests to partake in, which are perfect for celebrating the holidays. We are going to review them below.

Take It Easy in Our Lounge

Not looking for any big activities? Hoping to keep things a little more low-key with your group? If so, you should head to our lounge. It has a lot to offer and is fully equipped to facilitate a laid-back holiday celebration. In our lounge, you can do the following:

Have a Drink

Are you hoping to have a few drinks during your holiday celebration? If so, our lounge bar will serve you well. It offers a wide variety of drinks, including (but not limited to) domestic beers, imported beers, liquor drinks, and more. You and your group can stop in anytime and grab a drink or two.

Enjoy Some Food

Not only do we serve alcohol in our facility, but food as well. Our in-house restaurant, Boba Burger, serves everything from hamburgers to chicken tenders to hot dogs to salads and more. Whether you need an appetizer, an entree, or a dessert, you can order your food and bring it back to our lounge to enjoy.

Watch TV

There are also several TVs set up in our lounge. They can be changed to show any television program you and your group would like to watch. Whether that’s a football game, a holiday movie, or something else, you should be able to catch it in our lounge.

Have Fun with a Range of Activities

Looking to get your blood pumping a little more? Hoping for some fun activities to help bring in the holidays? If so, Classic Bowl has you covered. As the best holiday party venue in the Northfield, Illinois area, we offer a range of fun activities, which include:


Bowling is far and away our most popular activity. Our facility is equipped with 38 bowling lanes, all of which come with automatic scoring and bumper capabilities for players who are under the age of eight. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an avid bowler or are playing for the first time — you’re sure to have a great experience.

Interested in bowling for the holidays? Don’t forget to give us a call ahead of time to reserve your lanes.


In addition to bowling, we also have billiards tables throughout our facility. Our standard-size pool tables are available to players of all competition and experience levels. Regardless of your experience with playing pool, you can partake as much as you’d like.

Video Gaming

One last option is video gaming. Here at Classic Bowl, we have a video gaming area inside our lounge, which is available to those who are 21 years and older. Regardless of your gaming preferences, we are sure to have an option you’ll enjoy.

Looking for the Best Holiday Party Venue in the Northfield, Illinois Area?

As you can tell, Classic Bowl has a lot to offer to those who want to celebrate the holiday season. Are you ready to plan a holiday get-together? Looking for the best holiday party venue in the Northfield, Illinois area? If so, Classic Bowl is the top choice.

Whether you want to organize a structured party or a loose get-together, we can work with you to deliver the celebration you are envisioning. Contact us today at (847) 965-5300 to discuss your options.

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